NYT lifestyle alert: potbellies?

Usually I’d chalk this up as another one for the annoying Times lifestyle file, but it’s just too damn weird!!!

THIS summer the unvarying male uniform in the precincts of Brooklyn cool has been a pair of shorts cut at knickers length, a V-neck Hanes T-shirt, a pair of generic slip-on sneakers and a straw fedora. Add a leather cuff bracelet if the coolster is gay.

In truth this get-up was pretty much the unvarying male uniform last summer also, but this year an unexpected element has been added to the look, and that is a burgeoning potbelly one might term the Ralph Kramden.

And this “trend” – in men’s fashion, no less – no wait, men’s casual fashion – no wait, men’s casual fashion with freakin’ potbellies! – somehow warranted 750 words.

via Noticed – It’s Hip to Be Round – NYTimes.com.

Slate’s callout: The Bogus Trend Stories of Summer

And for those looking for a more typical Times kind of lifestyle story, they’ll have to settle for the Post, which explores the recessionary suffering of Westchester in a 5-page (OK, that’s Post online pages) article “Squeaking By on 300,000”  Can’t say I could drag myself to the end.

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