Most Managers are Logical Sloths

OK, so this press release came in on a google alert (entirely unrelated to anything, but how often do you see the word “sloth” in PR?

Most Managers are Logical Sloths, says New Rotman Research

Strategic managers, lacking training in how to build their own situational models and reasoning strategies as opposed to “implementing” blueprints and recipes, tend to choose easy problems to make sense of their predicaments and use sub-optimally simplistic methods of framing complex problems, shows new research from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

via The Public Interest Newswire.

I think this sells most managers (including yours truly) short. We are sloths in many respects, not limited to our logical optimization. Not only do we see complexity and recourse to blueprints and recipes – we see hard work and call in sick, we avoid conflict, defer difficult decisions, punish the innocent and promote the undeserving, marshall evidence to support whatever we’ve already concluded, extrapolate from insufficient evidence, and miscommunicate efficiently so as to confuse everyone who takes part in a project.

I’m just getting started!

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