Before College, Costly Advice Just on Getting In –

I’m not sure if this is for the “annoying NY Times lifestyle” file or for the crime file (or, perhaps, for the fashion police file)… Yet the proposed “looks” — a young man in seersucker shorts, a young woman in a blue blazer over a low-cut blouse and short madras skirt — appeared better suited […]

Cursing and Pain Relief

Damn right! I guess my kids must be going through a particularly painful period right now On average, people were able to withstand the pain for significantly longer if they cursed than if they did not. Swearing also increased heart rate and decreased subjective reports of pain. And before anyone criticizes me for Tierney’s politics, […]

Why Are Southerners So Fat? – TIME

The headline definitely catches the eye. The article concludes: So there you have it. Southerners have little access to healthy food and limited means with which to purchase it. It’s hard for them to exercise outdoors, and even when they do have the opportunity, it’s so hot, they don’t want to. The image is kind […]

Most Managers are Logical Sloths

OK, so this press release came in on a google alert (entirely unrelated to anything, but how often do you see the word “sloth” in PR? Most Managers are Logical Sloths, says New Rotman Research Strategic managers, lacking training in how to build their own situational models and reasoning strategies as opposed to “implementing” blueprints […]