Quote of the day

From Geoffrey Miller. Don’t know if there’s any sense in his argument, but this paragraph got me… “Compared with their easygoing clannish ways, our frenetic status seeking and product hunting would look bewildering indeed. Our society would seem noisy, perplexing and maybe psychotic … All you have to do is sit in classrooms every day […]

A world of $40 plug-sized computers… warning: geekery

NY Times poses an interesting question of the day: What would you do with a $40 Linux computer the size of a three-prong plug adapter? The article goes on to imagine what would happen if you had an array of little computers everywhere because they were so cheap. Some ideas: file servers, e-mail filtering/processing gateways, […]

Does OnStar really know where you are?

OK, why should I be obsessed this morning with something this silly? There’s a full-page ad running on the back of the Wall Street Journal this morning for OnStar. It has a pretty picture of a road winding its way through nice green, leafed-out trees. It says “Can you find the crashed Chevy in this […]


He left out the most important plus: Fewer annoying Yankees fans.

Disney Parks Stop Scans for Topless Riders – TIME

Stop the presses! Disney says it will no longer scan riders on Splash Mountain and three other rides for guests who feel the need to flash their breasts for souvenir photos. The article goes on to quote a spokeswoman who informs us (are we disappointed?) that “actual inappropriate behaviors by guests are rare.” Now tell […]