My Plumbing Albatross

Today’s plumbing adventures – a big estimate for a sewer mainline replacement – makes me want to revisit and recount the plumbing adventures I’ve had over the past 9 years. The upshot is that, after the next phase, the only original plumbing left in the house is going to be the copper pipe that had already been replaced, and most (but not all!) of the waste pipe in the house.

How do I love thee, house plumbing? Let me count the ways:

  1. Leaking valve -> new sink in bathroom #2 (and a collapsed ceiling as a bonus)
  2. Malfunctioning toilet innards -> I drop the lid on the toilet bowl -> broken bowl -> new toilet
  3. Leaking shower base -> destroyed kitchen wall & ceiling -> new master bath w/ new shower
  4. chronic leaks on galvanized pipe -> copper repipe downstairs
  5. Leaking bathtub drain and galvanized pipe -> more damage to kitchen ceiling -> copper repipe upstairs
  6. …and a new bathroom #2 w/ new tub & toilet as a bonus!
  7. leaking water heater -> new water heater
  8. rotten drain behind dishwasher -> new dishwasher
  9. chronic clogs under downstairs bath -> new toilet, new sink, and many snake-outs
  10. chronic main line blockage -> new main sewer line (to come)

Plus a few other things along the way: new master bath sink (the old one was just ugly – nothing really went wrong per se), new kitchen sink, dishwasher, downstairs utility sink, washer – just about anything that has water involved.

When I’m still working at age 85, I’ll know why.

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