Air France jet diverts after being told to stay clear of US airspace |

Speechless. An Air France flight from Paris to Mexico had to make an unscheduled stop in Martinique when US air traffic controllers notified the jet that it would not be receiving permission to fly over US airspace. Why, you ask? Get this: A journalist on the US no-fly list was a passenger. 38,000 feet up […]

David Kessler: Fat, Salt and Sugar Alter Brain Chemistry, Make Us Eat Junk Food –

So David Kessler dumpster-dives at Chili’s. Probably better than the food on the tables. The high-octane career path of David A. Kessler, the Harvard-trained doctor, lawyer, medical school dean and former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration had come to this: nocturnal dumpster diving. Sometimes, he would just reach in. Other times, he would […]