FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: Will Iowans Uphold Gay Marriage?

More intriguing stuff from good old Nate Silver … this time, estimating when a state’s population might be ready for gay marriage, or at least ready not to ban it. Given the complexity of political processes in a lot of these places – rural domination, different constitutional structures, etc. – I wouldn’t venture to say […]

My Plumbing Albatross

Today’s plumbing adventures – a big estimate for a sewer mainline replacement – makes me want to revisit and recount the plumbing adventures I’ve had over the past 9 years.

How a Scotland Yard Slip Forced Terrorism Raids in Britain – TIME

This one is extraordinary – the Scotland Yard guy gets out of his car at 10 Downing Street holding important papers about a counterterrorism operation – face-out to the cameras. So the photographers blew up the picture and could read and report the details. At least in the movies they always have folders that are […]