By popular demand, Truffle and Mo

Well, at least two people have wanted pictures of Truffle, so I go two better and give you video + Mo = antics.

Too small to fail?

This Modern World | Salon Comics

Where do I send the keys, again?

In Homeowners’ Latest Woe, Banks Are Skipping Foreclosures – Money quote for me: In Ms. James’s case, the company that was most recently servicing her loan is now defunct. Its parent company filed for bankruptcy and dissolved. And the original bank that sold her the loan said it could not find a record of […]

Let’s try that one more time

Does this bloggo publish to the feedo?

OK, let’s see how this works

Trying to get my blog set up, but let’s see if this passes over to FB.

I’m bloggin’

Why, I’m not sure, but why not?